Monday, January 3, 2011

Nothing much has happened, I'm fairly bored at home. I was supposed to go to my father's today to visit fora few hours but Nick (my husband) ended up having to go to the VA Hospital with his father because his father needs a Heart Catheter. His surgery isn't untill tomorrow, but nick is going with him today to get him set up in a room at the hospital about an hour away from here. I just hope he will be back by 6pm for Skie's Girl Scouts tonight. There is a potluck and awards tonight. Skie will get some of her first patches!
I decided I would eat healthier this year... I have been, I'm replacing 2 meals a day with Kelloggs Smart Start cereal. I plan to do Zumba 4 days a week. I hope I can stick to this because right now I weigh about 200lbs. Not good! Before I had gotten pregnant with my daughter I weighted about 150lbs. My goal weight would be 130lbs. Wish me luck!
Skie was happy to get back to school today. She couldn't get out the door fast enough! She will be home in about half an hour (it's 3:06 now)



Kris Norris said...

Hi Misty,

Just a quick note. Your blog looks fab. Just wanted to let you know... You visited my blog for the Color Nook contest, but didn't leave book choices that were mine, lol... if you have a sec, drop back over and you can just leave another message with two you'd like from my list... I know it gets confusing with the six blogs...
Thanks for dropping bye.