Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Wed, Jan 12 – Growth Project – More details revealed…

First, a bit of news on the Internet Marketing Survey we posted yesterday: The results coming in show that the majority of our EarlyBird users are interested in learning Internet marketing and nearly everyone said they would like to profit from the launch of PayBox. If you’re one of the people in this group, then we’ve got some great news for you!

More Details on the Growth Project

We have talked about the Growth Project for a while now, but not a lot of details have been available. The Growth Project is designed to help PayBox reach our Stage 2 growth goals and begin to “Open the Box”. We currently have about 300,000 active users, but, we need a minimum of 2 million and possibly as many as 5 million users before we can get there.

So, how do we reach our goal?

That’s where the Growth Project comes in. At the heart of the Growth Project is our new affiliate program which we expect will fuel the growth of PayBox to the levels we are targeting. This new affiliate program will allow you to earn direct cash payments (outside your PayBox account) for spreading the word about PayBox.

“Direct cash payments” means electronic direct deposit to your current bank account, or paper checks that you can deposit to your current bank account. The growth of PayBox has always been driven by our users spreading the word, this new affiliate program just gives you a little more incentive.

Who can participate? Is it required?

Our new affiliate program will be open to all of our EarlyBird users, but participation is completely optional. You can still be an EarlyBird user even if you never participate in the new affiliate program. It’s your choice.

However, there are some amazing benefits that you can get only if you participate in the new affiliate program. Read on to learn more about those benefits…

Why is this a good opportunity?

  • It’s new. Our affiliate program is fresh and new, unlike most of the programs out there that are old, tired and overcrowded with competitors.
  • You’re first. There are a lot of experienced Internet marketers in the world who are hungry for a new affiliate program with this much potential, but we have decided to give you—our EarlyBird users—the first shot at earning money with our new affiliate program.
  • You won’t be “selling” anything. You will just spread the word about getting a free account with PayBox, just like now—with one difference—your referrals will have the option to join the affiliate program. If they do, you will earn about $33 per referral.
  • $30 Million Payout. We expect to pay out US$30 Million this year in affiliate commissions. How much of that money you claim is up to you, but, you will need at least basic Internet marketing skills if you want to earn in the range of $1,000s per month.

When does it launch?

The affiliate program could launch as soon as the end of February. The date is still flexible.

Why wait? Why not launch it now?

Our new affiliate program depends completely on our EarlyBird users for success. In the Internet Marketing Survey we posted yesterday, most of our EarlyBird users said they had little-to-no experience with Internet marketing. Most of you also said that you want to profit from the launch of PayBox.

We won’t launch the affiliate program until we have enough EarlyBird users who are trained and ready to promote it.

You have time to learn…

You will have the very best chance of profiting from the launch of PayBox if you already have some Internet marketing skills before our new affiliate program goes live. If you want to participate in the new affiliate program, now is the time to get up-to-speed on Internet marketing—before the affiliate program goes live.

Pick the best training for you…

We will review and recommend the best Internet marketing training courses available before our affiliate program goes live. There are many different “fields” of Internet marketing, and you will want to pick the best match(es) for you.

Be ready to spring into action…

Do you want to earn more money? Do you want to learn a valuable new skill? Do you want to change your life for the better? This is your opportunity. Make 2011 the year it happens!

In order to prepare our EarlyBird users for the launch of the affiliate program, we will review and recommend Internet marketing training courses in our upcoming blog posts.

Not every program is right for every person. Each review will describe a training course and explain what type of person would be a good match. When you see the perfect match for you, be ready to jump in and begin your training!