Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My daughter is 6 and has an attitude 10times her size! I'm fed up with it. She is talking back and and not listening. I didn't raise her this way! She knows better. I keep yelling at her and she doesn't seem to hear me! Do any of you have a daughter or child with an attitude? How do you deal with it? Thanks for any tips!!

Skie's bed came yesterday. She was very happy to sleep in it last night. I have to clean her room today and get things put the way they supposed to go. Then I will post some pictures.

Today will consist of cleaning, and folding a mountain of laundry. And of course I love to enter giveaway so I will be getting through all my subscriptions by email and entering the giveaways as well. Wish me luck.
In the last week I have won the following:
Squiggle Toy
Photo Match Kids App for Itouch
$25 Gift Cert.
Master Sharpener- knife sharpener
My Secret Circle Electronic Journal kit
Cricket Friction Free Mini Flat Iron

Woot... hope to get more winning emails today!

Also, I will be doing a review/giveaway of a cool new app called iCrayonMaker!
Stay tuned in the next few days for when I post it. Thanks!!


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Hmmm...well super nanny would probably say to get down to eye level with her, and talk softly so she has to quiet down to hear you. LOL

Don't give up!