Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cat on my shoulder....

Yep, there is a cat on my shoulder as I wright today. Her name is Sunny. You have seen her in pictures in previous posts. She is the cute calico one. Well, She thinks she is a parrot! Cute lil' parrot!
Anyways, I'm excited today, my brother and sis-in-law are comeing for dinner. I love having company... and feeding people! So, tonight I am making home made scalloped potatoes with ham. I havn't contemplated any side dishes yet. But doesn't that sound yummy?
My day will consist of making my home show room quality since that is what I do when I have family over. Nothing shall be out of place.
Yesterday I tackled the bathroom and threw away a ton of half empty bottles of crap, (shampoo, conditioner, soaps, hair spray, hair gel,....) stuff I probably haven't used in at least a year, not quite sure why I hung on to crap I didn't even use! Today I am tackling my room, and my daughter's dresser. I have a friend with a little girl that will greatly appreciate some hand-me-downs from Skie.
Oh and yesterday I had a winning! I won an Easy Lunch Boxes! Im not sure what blog it was from because in the winning email there wasn't a link. But yea, I won! I love to win. I put stuff I win away until Christmas or birthdays and pull something out when I need it.
Well, I better be off to do some cleaning. Have a great day everyone!


Yellow House Knits said...

Aren't pets funny! Hope your dinner was great and that you got everything cleaned up in time!! Happy New Year!