Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good Morning!

Hey! Today is the first day of Christmas Vacation for my daughter. Already she tried to sit in front of the TV... lol, that didn't go over well, I told her if she didn't play with the toys she has santa wouldn't bring her new ones. She agreed and went and played in her room. She has over 100 barbies, barbie houses, as well as over 100 littlest pet shop animals and there play houses. She is well equipped to play for hours.
Hubby is off to work. He has tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday off! 3 days in a row! woot! He got a nice holiday bonus and since he works at a furniture store he put an order in to get our daughter a loft bed. Her room isn't that big so this will help with that. And I know she will love it! Right now she has a queen size bed in there. Her new bed is a twin. The queen bed is not even a year old so my husband is going to put it in the spare bedroom and that is where he is going to sleep. Witch leads me to this question; Do any of you not share a bedroom with your husband? I haven't shared a room with mine probably since April of this year. I just couldn't sleep with him in the bed after he had gotten back from school. (he would be gone for a week, and home on the weekends) When he came back I slept so lightly that anything he did, snore, move or any noise would wake me. So he has slept on the sofa ever since. Now he is going to take the other bedroom. He is a great husband, this just works better for me and he doesn't seem to mind.

Today will consist of cleaning house, putting together a grocery list, catching up on blogs, entering giveaways (oh did I mention I won a Kindle!) and possibly get a nap later. I woke up so early today.

OK, stay tuned, I may be back later! :D


Gem said...

Currently DH and I sleep separately only because since I'm pregnant I keep getting up to go to the bathroom (seems like once an hour) or I have to constantly move around/sit up because of the heartburn. I feel bad that I keep waking him up...

congrats on the kindle win =)