Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This was This Morning at 194 pounds!! 9 pounds lost!

This was day 6 at 197ish pounds....

OK, it's been 2 more days. I'm doing great. I am down 9 pounds in 7 days!
Yesterday was really hard for me. I made pasta sauce with fresh green and red peppers, fresh garlic and onions for my husband and daughter for dinner. It smelt so good, so I kept on tasting it. I'm not supposed to, but wow was it so gooooood! Then later in the evening after my husband left to go pick up our girl scout cookies I took a piece of garlic bread and covered it in the sauce and ate it! I felt so horrible about it that I forced myself to vomit. I won't be doing that again. But when he got home with the cookies I ate a few! ya... I know temptation really got a hold of me yesterday. But I still lost about 2 pounds.
I realized I wasn't having bowl movements so I am taking an over the counter "aid" to help with that. I'm feeling much better now, and I'm sure that resulted in the extra pound lost. :)
Today so far so good... I am just cleaning house and listing stuff on ebay. I'm not sure what I am eating today. Probably some cucumbers, radishes, and cabbage. Im so sick of chicken. Ok, that's all i got for now. XOXO to my readers.