Thursday, March 3, 2011

T Shirt Printing Review!

The wonderful people over at T Shirt have offered to let me do a review for them. And I was immediately impressed with the variety of printed clothing.

They produce screen printing for any design you need with highest quality regardless of the number of colors in your design and the position of the design on the T shirt all at very competitive prices and fast turnaround times.

I was supplied with a very cute Tshirt. I love this shirt. The quality is very nice, very durable, and there is no fading at all after being washed a few times. The sizing is spot on and fits perfect. My opinion is there couldn't be a better company to rely on for great screen printing for any purpose you need a design printed on clothing. I think getting your design on a piece of clothing is a great way for constant advertisement. And what better way than to get them from ?

This review is completly my own personal opinion. I was provided a t shirt for review from this awesome company. I hope you find this useful! Thanks for reading! And be sure to get over to to look around!