Friday, April 17, 2009

Just Another Day...

Nothin much going on today. I dont know why i felt the need to blog anything. lol. Anyways..... Im trying to find Nick a ride into watertown so he can get his paycheck and pick up the few things we need and pay the water bill, as well as the $25 we still owe for rent. Im not having much luck. Hopefully we have a car soon. Im waiting to see if my mother will add me to her cell plan. I told her i would pay the difference including the taxes and connection fees. So, it will cost us about $20 a month. No biggie, but we need a phone bad. Our medical bills are pileing up and I need to call those companies and give them our medicade number. I also need to call my Dr. to get my prescription filled. Nick aslso needs to call his in. My father hasnt heard anything yet as far as wich lymphoma cancer he has. I hope to go see him this weekend. probably on sunday. Nick, Skie and I are going to a BBQ on Saturday at a coworkers house. He even offered to let me do our laundry there. I couldnt pass up that offer, laundry's gotta get done. and it piles up fast. Nicks brother got out of jail last night, im shocked i havnt seen him yet. I thought he would be out here banging on our door by now. Im just hopeing he dosent start any shit because its been so peacefull since nicks mother dissowned him again. His father has been out to visit a couple times. I enjoy his company. such a sweet old man. And he has always liked me. Can you imagine your mother in law telling your husband to leave his fat lazy wife? When we arn't haveing any problems and are trying to work on our relationship. ok, so i agree i am fat, but she is twice my size. And im am not in the least bit lazy. My home is spotless 24/7, Skie knows better than to make a mess. Its the cats i worry about making a mess more than i do skie. God, if only i had a lazy bone in my body. Im constantly doing something for someone. Even if its just to bake a pan of brownies because i know it will make someone smile, i do it, because that is who i am. I just dont understand how his mother gets this image in her head of me, how she could hate me so much and not see the positive things i bring to her sons life, taking care of him in every way i know how, as well as bringing his daughter into this world and raising her along side him. Its just so hard to understand her insane ways of thinking. But i know im a caring, responsible and loving person, i like me... hell, i love me a lot. and that is all that matters. I dont need her to aprove of who i am or what i do with my life. My family, my husband and my daugher all love me just the way i am.

ok so i did feel the need to blog today. lol.