Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Venting a little

Well, my husband decided he isnt going to work this morning. I couldnt be more pissed. Its pure lazyness!! I've decided im not making him lunch or dinner. He knows im pissed. I wake him up every morning for work and today i had to go in the bedroom at least 10 times. Now it is almost noon and he is still in bed!
Anyways, Skie is doing well, she finally cleaned her bedroom last night. Today i am going through her toys to seperate what to give to Goodwill, and what to pack in boxes. We are moving to NY in February, to be with family.
So, yesterday i made macaroons and dinner rolls, both came out very yummy. Today i am making 3 pumpkin pies, and one strawberry rhubarb. If you didnt know im baker. 2 of the pumpkin pies are for an order i have. Baking makes me happy. Im planning to make some 5 different kinds of fudge. lol. yummy!!
Im gonna go get my bathroom and kitchen cleaned and then get to baking. bye!