Friday, November 21, 2008

Hot Cocoa In The Morning

The weather is getting so chilly here in Texas. And in the Apartment complex i live in they haven't turned the heat on yet. They have a control switch that turns the AC off and the heat on. Its pissing me off. I can turn the oven on and keep the apartment fairly well heated. I woke up freezing though.
I went to walmart to get the stuff to make lasagna today. It's my favorite food. Im hopeing my husband will be home for dinner. My daughter and I spend a lot of time at home, just the two of us. Nick (husband) works 2 jobs to take care of us. We are hopeing to have an OK christmas. its a little hard with bills and all that. but im sure we will manage.
Im not feeling all that well this morning. My Eyes where swollen this morning and the right was more dialated than the left. My stomach is a bit iffy and i think i feel a migraine coming on. i don't know. just going to take it easy today.
so, im going to update this more later. im having fun reading others blogs and entering into contests. so much fun.