Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trying To Conceive!

OK, cat is out of the bag! lol.

Hubby and I have been trying for this past month, but not really dedicated trying. More like hoping. I have PCOS, so that makes it a lot more difficult. Well this month we are charting and following the calendar! My period started today, so on Saturday (day 3) I start clomid (100mg) and take it for 5 days. Then I should start ovulating on the 11th through the 17th (days 9-15). And we will be testing with Clear Blue Ovulation tests to see when I surge. I should surge on the 15th. I hope :) Please wish us luck. We had tried for 5 years after our daughter was born with no luck. So I am feeling good about this!

My brother is living with us now. His wife kicked him out. I can understand why. He was so mean to her and insensitive. He just didn't care to make it work. So now he is here, we had a spare bedroom. He is paying rent, I don't offer a free ride! Him and my husband work at the same place so they have been carpooling. They actually work together. My husband got him the job there. So far things are ok with him living here.

Gosh, today I am cramping so bad. I just took 3 Midol and am contemplating a nap :)

Hope everyone is having a nice day!
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Sue's blog said...

Hey just wanted to wish you luck, been there before but alas, nothing happened for us but am blessed to have one lovely daughter. All the best.

Buladi said...

Very interesting. I am strange that who to live with your brother. and he face problem but your husband job is good that he got him a job. I wish good luck for your lovely daughter.
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