Monday, March 1, 2010

No Sleep.

All the kids are sleeping and you think i would be passed out... but nope, not me! I can't seem to get to sleep, or stay asleep. I have fallen asleep a couple times but wake back up withing about 10-15 min. I usually would take an ambien before going to bed because I won't sleep well. But since I'm watching my neighbors kids I won't. I want to be able to wake up if the baby cries or one of the other kids needs me. I'm used to taking the ambien when my daughter is home simply because she is very well behaved and hardly ever needs me. But even if she whispered into my ear and 3am i would sit straight up in bed to attend to her. I'm guessing its the motherly thing where you can always hear your own child no matter how dead asleep you are. Anyways, I'm dog tired. And i will definitely be taking a nap this afternoon. Did I mention I'm not at home, my neighbor lives below me. We live in a house that was split into 3 apartments. So, I'm sleeping in her bed (on top her blankets w/my sheet and blanket and pillow) and I'm very comfortable, but just can't seem to settle down enough to fall asleep. Oh, and every little noise i hear makes me jump! I can hear my cats upstairs playing. And when my daughter turns in her sleep. Plus there is this VERY big fish tank with VERY big fish in it that the water filters and makes a sound like running water. (no i don't have to pee) lol. Well, i guess that's all for tonight. I hope to get an hour or so of rest so I can get my daughter off to school.

This is my daughter. It's a Cell Phone picture. My husband found the charger to my nikon and I will be getting much better pictures now!!


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is a cutie pie!

Jaime said...

There is no sleep for the weary. Ever! You daughter is beautiful! I bet her hair can be a handful. I had hair like that as a child and it was constantly in knots. Good luck with that momma! BTW- I'm following you now. stop by my blog is you get a chance.

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

She's a cutie! i suffer from sleep issues too, although I don't take anything for it. I left you an award :)